SOLD! The entire bed is composed of a fixed frame of length 200 cm x 90 cm + latex sheeting with openings on crotch and now glued hole for head - only with a small hole in the mouth area for the hose for breathing. The frame is 30 cm shorter then the sack itself . This allows you to roll up the excess length of the sack and seal the opening . The outlet tube to connect a vacuum cleaner is part of vacbed.
There is no zipper at all, you get inside by the top (short) side of the sack.

- used several times to shoot, repaired crack

- color: as on the picture - Black

- thickness of latex: 0.25 mm

Price only for latex vacbed.

Black latex vacbed (SA-BED01)

  • 4 999,00 CZK
  • 4 000,00 CZK