Black male latex zipperles catsuit. Entering the catsuit over the collar (neck), the catsuit really has no zipper anywhere. A penis opening in front.

- used several times to shoot, without defects

- color: as on the first picture - olive green

- thickness of latex: 0.25 mm

- catsuit is chlorinated!

On a figure of about the following dimensions:
Height cca 180 cm, body circumference shoulder-crotch-shoulder cca 160 cm

Chest circumference cca 98 cm

The waist circumference cca 80 cm

Butt circumference cca 95 cm

Thigh circumference cca 51 cm

Arm circumference cca 29 cm

Price only for latex catsuit, without hood. If you are interested in this olive green hood - contact us.

Olive green latex male zipperless catsuit (SA-CAT14-01)

  • 4 999,00 CZK
  • 4 000,00 CZK