SOLD! Olive green female latex zipperless leotard with 3/4 sleeves. Entering the leotard over the collar (neck), the leotard really has no zipper anywhere. With an open crotch .

- used several times to shoot, without defects

- color: as on the picture

- thickness of latex: 0.25 mm

On a figure of about the following dimensions:
Height cca 165-170 cm, body circumference shoulder-crotch-shoulder cca 145-155 cm

Chest circumference cca 90 cm

The waist circumference cca 70 cm

Butt circumference cca 90 cm

Price only for latex leotard.

Latex zipperless leotard (SA-LEO01)

  • 2 899,00 CZK
  • 2 000,00 CZK