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Latex leotards

Show your body in some on latex leotard. Latex emphasize and underline your figure. If you want to show your legs and still be covered with latex , then latex leotard is the right solution.

We offer many variations of latex leotards. Latex leotard can be made in various high cutout around the hips. With or without a collar. You can choose many different forms of length sleeves on your latex leotard, ranging from short sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves or completely without sleeves. Zip on the back for easy dressing. All our zippers have sliders with latching, so cannot happen that the slider traveled along the zipper. Including protective flap.
And if you still do not choose from our offer, there is no problem to get your tailor made latex leotard - do not hesitate to contact us.

Latex as rubber is no longer used only in protection clothing. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of sexy latex clothes and accessories for fetishists, people interested in BDSM, clinic and other kinky lifestyle. The best thing about latex clothes is the fact, that it can create such  feeling, like you have a second skin. But as same as it can be sexy as tight, it also can sexy as loose.
It depends only on your own taste.

Latex clothes is presented as shiny, but it isn't its original state. It is originally matt. To make it shiny, it has to be polished by proper silicone oil. After this care, our latex clothes will gain the same glossiness as you can see on our pictures.

All our products we are sending discreetly wrapped mostly in bubble envelopes by Czech Post. On the envelope is only your address as the recipient and sender address  with personal name plus stickers of Czech Post. On the package is not specified what is the content of the package, or website´s name. We pack all shipments manually and we check that everything was securely wrapped.

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Latex leotard  - ALEX

Latex leotard - ALEX

Tight latex leotard on one shoulder and 3/4 sleeves. Standard long latex sleeves is possible to orde..

2 999,00CZK

Latex leotard with collar

Latex leotard with collar

Tight latex leotard with small collar and 3/4 sleeves. Standard long latex sleeves is possible to or..

2 899,00CZK

Latex Space Cadet leotard

Latex Space Cadet leotard

Two-colored tight latex leotard with collar and long sleeves.  Latex leotard costume of space c..

4 999,00CZK

Latex Space Cadet surfsuit

Latex Space Cadet surfsuit

Two-colored latex surfsuit with collar, short legs and long sleeves.  Latex surfsuit costume of..

5 999,00CZK

Latex wide neck leotard

Latex wide neck leotard

Tight latex leotard with wide neck and long sleeves.  Latex leotard has no zipper. All the edge..

2 699,00CZK

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