Inflatable latex clothes

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Inflatable latex bra

Inflatable latex bra

Do you want to create the perfect shape of your body, with our inflatable latex bra, nobody will tel..

4 499,00 CZK

Latex hood with inflatable horns - SATAN

Latex hood with inflatable horns - SATAN

Be a true latex Satan, use our latex hood from thin 0.25 mm latex, with inflatable horns and with pe..

4 000,00 CZK

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Welcome to our category with inflatable latex clothes. You will find various types of inflatable latex clothes and accessories that can be inflated by mouth or by air pump through the classic valves.

All the inflatable latex clothes offered in this category is meant only as aesthetically pleasing accessory to your outfits.

Do not push or squeeze the inflatable parts too much or do not lie on the inflatable parts.
If you choose one of this inflatable latex outfits, make sure that the valves are always tightly closed when washing this outfit.