Care & Storage

To avoid inconveniences such as a tear in the latex dress or latex stains caused by poor storage or bad dressing, we recommend that you read the following lines related to the latex care and storage. This is only our subjective recommendations:


Before you start to dress latex clothes, always check that you are not wearing any rings, earrings, etc which could cut your latex clothes.

Consider dressing as a pleasant ritual, do not rush. You can dress latex in two ways. Either using talcum powder or 100% of silicone oil.

  •  Using talcum powder: before you dress latex, apply thin layer of powder on inner side of latex clothing. When you're completely dressed, use silicone oil to polish latex outfit from the outside.

  •   Using silicone oil (we recommend this method): Even better than the powder is to use a silicone oil. Apply silicon oil to your body or latex dress. Thanks to this method, if you have latex already dressed and yet it doesn't fit you well on some parts of your body, you can fit it by stroking and rubbing to the desired location. Use silicone oil to polish also outside of the latex for best shine.

For undressing your latex clothing, use the same operations but in reverse order.


Clean you latex outfit by slightly warm soapy water. Wash away all powder remainings and sweat. Beware that the water has to be really lukewarm. Otherwise it could glue latex together. Latex dress then wash again in clean slightly warm water without soap but add a little bit of silicone oil. It should retain latex slightly polished.

After washing your latex dress, let it dry properly. This stage is not good to underestimate.


Store your latex in a dry and dark place. Do not expose latex clothing to sunlight, that could damage it. Keep you latex outfit separate from various metals that may discolour it. Best way is to store latex separately from other clothing.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.