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For those, who can´t choose from our selection of latex outfits, we are offering a possibility to make custom latex outfit. Production time depends on the overall complexity of the custom made latex design. Standard thickness of latex we use for fabrication of latex clothing is 0,4 mm in colors mentioned in our Size chart category or in the front page in slider. We are also able to obtain other thickness and latex colors.

If you want to present yourself with some custom-made outfit, which we created for you, please send us a photo and weĺl publish it in our Custom made category.

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Latex and Rubber Swatches

Latex and Rubber Swatches

Swatch with descriptions of each color material, easily disassembled.Contains following colors and t..

999,00 CZK

Other available colors of latex at shop

Other available colors of latex at shop

Available latex colors in stock except standard colors. This is smaller amount. If you want to make ..

0,00 CZK

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